How does The BooksActually Box work?
Simply choose the BooksActually Elf you most identify with based on their recommendations and reading profiles, and the person you are subscribed to will send you a handpicked book every month!

You may view the profiles of our curators here.

When will I receive my first box?
You will receive your first box within 5 working days upon confirmation. Subsequently, you will receive your boxes around the same time every month.

What will I receive in my box?
Along with a book chosen by the curator you selected, we will also include some free items every now and then to complement your reading.

So maybe a notebook you can pen your thoughts in, or a special blend of tea you can sip while enjoying your book - we'll try to keep it creative!

If I already have the book you sent me, can I change it?

As much as we aim to send you books that are slightly more obscure, in the unlikely event that you have the book we have already sent, just drop us an email and we'll arrange for a replacement book to be sent out to you ASAP. We won't even ask for you to return your duplicate title! (But if you could pass it on to someone else to spread the love of reading, that would be great!)

Is this service available internationally?
Unfortunately, our The BooksActually Box is not available to our international customers. Yet.

Still have a question?
Email us at booksellers@booksactually.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!